Learning to sail.
Hudson River Community Sailing
at La Marina in Northern Manhattan.
Photo: Emily Miller.

Welcome to Sailing Off the Big Apple! The site launched in the summer of 2018.

Why this site?

For starters, I've done something like this before.

In July of 2007, after walking many miles in the city, I launched Walking Off the Big Apple: A Strolling Guide to New York City. The site has since become a popular resource for seeing New York on foot, earning critical reviews and two Official Honoree distinctions at the Webby Awards.  

Sailing Off the Big Apple, making its debut in the summer of 2018, is designed for both residents and visitors to learn more about the 520 miles of New York City waterfront and how to get around by boat. Read more about this voyage in the introductory post, Setting Sail.

Thanks so much for visiting.

- Teri

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