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Setting Sail

Sailing Off the Big Apple explores New York City by water, discovering and rediscovering the city’s historic waterways, shoreline developments, and rich maritime culture. Where its sister site Walking Off the Big Apple strolls the streets on foot, this site wanders down to the shoreline and gets on a boat.

At first, we’ll mostly travel by ferry. The city’s expanding and affordable ferry service is increasingly opening new ways to experience New York City both for residents and visitors. Riding the ferry is a great way to keep up with the transformation of the waterfront and explore unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Over the past few years, many of the city’s old working piers and industrial waterfronts have been repurposed for recreational purposes, transformed into new parks and spaces for entertainment. Where once dockworkers and longshoremen loaded and unloaded supplies by hand or operated large gantries to unload railroad cars, now visitors come to relax and watch the sunset.

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At the Top of Manhattan

At the Top of Manhattan
A Classic Harbor Line boat cruises toward the Hudson River under the Henry Hudson Bridge. View from Muscota Marsh, Inwood Hill Park.