Windblown: A Day Trip on the NYC Ferry

For an adventurous day in New York, provided the weather is nice, try combining the ends of two NYC Ferry routes, Soundview (SV) in the Bronx with the Rockaway (RW) route in Queens. An excursion from the Bronx waterfront south to the sandy shores of Rockaway becomes a great moving panorama of the metropolis.

The beginning - near the Soundview landing in the Bronx

Many New Yorkers have grown so accustomed to getting around by subway that seeing the city like the tourists may come as something of a shock. Being practical sorts, they’ll point out that a NYC Ferry ride costs the same as a subway ride - $2.75 (!) but with perks such as a well-stocked snack bar, comfortable seats, and views of their city’s famous skyline. Plus, there’s something relaxing about a boat ride that the A train, for example, can’t seem to accomplish. So, the experience comes as a happy shock.

Hell Gate Bridge and the Manhattan skyline

To begin this epic north-south trip on the water, start at the Soundview landing in the Bronx. An initial ferry ride may be necessary to get there, so the adventure will start even earlier. From Soundview, you’ll sail down to Pier 11/Wall Street, with stops along the way at the E 90th Street and E 34th Street landings. The trip should take around 30 minutes. At Wall Street, transfer to the Rockaway route for the remainder of the Bronx-Queens adventure. This second route is longer, close to 55 minutes, but you could wind up on a nice beach facing the Atlantic Ocean.